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Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites!

Nike Huaraches

Okay technically I did not get these in the mail and actually try them on yet BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY. Also I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure about them when they were first released but I started seeing them in person on people’s feets out on the streets and loved the way they looked. Excited to add a pop of color to my all-black everything staple wardrobe.


Gymshark Flex Leggings in Grey and Blue

So the first two things on this list are not things I physically own but WHATEVER a girl can dream. This workout apparel is obviously pretty awesome because every time there is a new release it is instantly sold out. Between these and the Kylie LipKits I have not been having much luck with the online free-for-all shopping. One day I will own these pants!


Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard

I saw this one on a few beauty blogs/YouTube channels and decided to give it a try because I basically slather my face in concealer every morning to cover my weird skin mutations, veins, red spots, and lovely sun scars. It is a really nice thick consistency without being overbearing or cakey and blends very well into the skin (especially with fingers even though I kind of hate doing that). I mostly use it under the eyes to offset my large blue/purple/grey bags. Like, duffel bag size.

Ds Naturals Fluffbutter in Vanilla Maple Frosting

This stuff is insane. I'm always looking for food that tastes like sweet delicious trash food but isn't actually bad or too bad for me, and this hits the nail on the head. I found it first at HomeGoods and then ate it in about 5 days and ordered more from the Vitamin Shoppe. It has awesome natural ingredients, non-dairy protein for those who mind, and tastes like vanilla cupcake frosting. Prepare to eat straight from the jar or with your hands. 


Core Moves with a Medicine Ball

Core Moves with a Medicine Ball