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Monday, Weekend Indulgences, Trying Acupuncture

Monday, Weekend Indulgences, Trying Acupuncture

All week long I plan my meals each day and pack them to take to work (I go from bootcamp, to an office, to the gym, and get home anywhere between 6-8:30pm depending on the day) so I like to have all of my meals packed and ready to go in my lunchbox. When the weekend comes along I know that it’s time to loosen the reins a little bit and not keep track of what I’m eating, gotta live a little. One of my favorite things is going to the movies and eating movie theatre popcorn, so on Saturday night my boyfriend and I *(side note: this blog is the only place my Philadelphia grammar takes a back seat to proper grammar. I want so badly to write me and my boyfriend. But I fight it, for all of you)*.  

Anyways, we saw The Jungle Book and HOUSED an entire jumbo popcorn in about 45 minutes (WHOOOOOOPS) but it was worth it for sure. Except I literally woke up with an ulcer on the roof of my mouth. STILL WORTH IT. But I made it to the Lululemon Community sponsored Barre class on Sunday in Wynnewood shopping center and sweat out all the salty buttery goodness. And then for dinner I had 5 slices of Pica’s pizza and cake and ice cream (it was my mom’s birthday) ssshhhh bye.

Today I have all my meals prepped and ready to go and I will be squatting the night away after work so it’s all good. It’s all about balance people. Speaking of balance and health and wellness and yada yada, my mom and I (there it is again) tried acupuncture for the first time for either of us on Saturday for her birthday. First we got mani’s together though, AREN’T WE CUTE.

I told her that everything was my treat for her birthday and then asked my dad for money for all of it, and I got a group text from my sisters the next day saying “Mom knows you’re going to offer to pay for everything but that you have no money and are just going to ask dad for it, so we’re gonna split it with you.” Seriously, how do moms know EVERYTHING?! It’s crazy. And creepy.

Acupuncture Experience

I was really excited to try acupuncture because I have a very tight upper right trapezius that has caused me chronic pain in my neck/shoulder for seriously years. I foam roll and lay on a lacrosse ball and try to stretch, but it doesn’t ever do quite enough. So Janny and I headed over to Havertown Community Acupuncture on Saturday afternoon for some therapy.

The place is nice and quiet, even in the waiting room, with a welcoming atmosphere. It is extremely affordable care and Randi was very nice, knowledgeable, thorough, and comforting. We had to fill out intake forms, which were pretty in depth (but in a good way, who wants to see a specialist who isn’t thorough?!) and then Randi took each of us back individually to discuss our health history and our reason for visiting before inserting the needles … DUN DUN DUNNNN.

My mom was basically just there to try it and to relax a little, but I sat down with Randi and explained that I lift weights often and that I have nagging pain in my right upper trap. She was extremely knowledgeable about the body and muscle anatomy, delivering a similar diagnoses to the neurokinetic assessment I got at my gym on Friday (more on that later). She also said that next time I come in she will try a slightly more aggressive approach in the target area, which I’m looking forward to (call me craazzyyy).

I walked out into the community room (recliner chairs and massage tables for you to choose from) where my mom was already laying down with a needle sticking straight out of her forehead (my dad will never forgive me for not taking a picture). My mom and I were both curious about the community room aspect of it, but everyone is basically asleep and it’s completely quiet, so it’s a really nice atmosphere. You don’t remove any clothing, just roll your pants and sleeves up to allow access to “switch” points.

Randi explained that acupuncture can work like a light bulb and a switch. To turn off a light (fix my trap pain), she can unscrew the light bulb (work directly on the muscle), or just flip a switch (work with different trigger points throughout the body). So basically with acupuncture, you don’t always need the needles inserted directly into your problem area, since the body is one giant circuit working as a whole. Although she also put two needles into my trap, because that sucker is pretty effed up.

When I was reading up on acupuncture before going, it said everywhere that the needles are as thin as a strand of hair and you can’t feel them going in. Randi assured me of the same thing, saying depending on where they are being inserted there might be a small pinch, but overall there should be no pain. I wasn’t really buying it because how could needles being poked into my skin not hurt? But then she touched my calf and I was like “hmm I guess she’s feeling around for the right spot” and I looked down and she had already put a needle in there! And I really didn’t even feel it.

I laid there for probably 20-30 minutes with the needles in, and I felt my body relax in a way that is very hard to me to achieve on my own. I could really feel everything sinking into the table and even tingling and getting warm in certain muscles, in a good way. She pretty much just lets everyone chill as long as they want and then we said we were ready to go, she popped the needles out, and we were on our way. My mom and I both felt super relaxed and noodley as we left, kind of like how you feel after getting a long deep tissue massage. I’m excited to see how my shoulder will respond with continued treatment, so I will definitely be going back this week *thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up*






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