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Yesterday's Workout & Sticking to Commitments

Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you

I pretty much constantly find myself agreeing to do things, whether it’s something fun with friends or a favor for a coworker, and then totally regretting it when the time finally approaches. Last week, for instance, I gladly agreed to cover another trainer’s bootcamp last night at 6:30PM but when yesterday rolled around it was raining and I had a headache, rushing from the gym, to the train, and to another gym was the last thing I wanted to do (I work at two gyms just to be clear). It meant I would be rushed, it meant my own workout would be cut short, and my rain-induced headache was turning into nausea.

But because I knew I only had 45 minutes to work out, I ended up really pushing myself hawrd and got a great work out in! And once bootcamp got rolling at 6:30 it was aallll good. I got to work with clients I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, my headache went away from moving and talking and cuing, and I had a lot of fun.

This tends to be the outcome. Either I’m no longer in the mood to do what I initially agreed to do, or I start getting anxiety that it will somehow end badly. But more often than not, it’s like yesterday, where I meet awesome new people and take them through a killer workout and we’re all in our socks laughing and lifting together (isn’t that just lovely?!?!)

It’s easy to stay committed when you’ve agreed to do something for someone else. Even if I didn’t feel like going yesterday, there was no way in hell I was going to call my boss an hour before class and say I didn’t wanna do it because it was raining. If it’s friends or family or whoever, you typically don’t want to be seen as a flake.

But when you schedule time to go to the gym after work and then 5pm rolls around and your mood has changed from gym to couch, why is it so easy to say “forget it, I’m just going home”?

This is a big reason having a personal trainer or a gym buddy is so helpful. Because you feel guilty cancelling. So why not when it’s just you? Hold yourself accountable! Write a gym date for yourself on the calendar, and when the time comes, actually do it. You’ll probably feel way better about yourself and like you accomplished something, just because you showed up.

Yes, I love working out, but sometimes I am not in the mood. Sometimes I’m tired and I’ve been up since 5 and I want to go home after work. But I change into my gym clothes and I walk straight there, without thinking about it or questioning it or trying to rationalize in my head why I should skip the gym and go get tacos. It’s something I have committed to and I try to stick to that as often as I can. And usually that’s the hardest part. Once you get there, you’ll find something to do!

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