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Sunday Meal Prep

Sunday Meal Prep

On Sunday nights I like to hit up Trader Joe’s, grab some stuff, and prep my meals for the week. Just a note – Sunday night is the absolute worst time to go to Trader Joe’s because crowds and also they run out of everything. But I still do it cause that’s what Sundays are for. Anyways, lately I have been trying to eat a more Paleo-inspired diet (I will post about that more in depth at some point) so this was yesterday’s grocery list:

·         Sweet potatoes

·         Avocados

·         Ground turkey

·         Head of cauliflower

·         Sausage

·         Broccoli

·         Chicken

·         Coffee

My meal prep recipes included a cauliflower “rice” stir-fry recipe, a loaded breakfast casserole, and grilled chicken with a side of broccoli/brussel sprout “salad.” Also Lara Bars for snacks. And bananas. And Fluffbutter. I’m going to try and post the recipes separately and link to them but who knows if I’ll be able to figure it out. 

In trying to lean out a little bit for the warm weather I am tracking my calories and eating between 1500-1800 per day including a 30-60 minute workout. If my calories are ever closer to 1500 it's just because I wasn’t as hungry that day which does not happen very often ya know?!


(header image from : http://dailyburn.com/life/health/best-meal-prep-clean-eating-instragam)

Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry Recipe

Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry Recipe

Core Moves with a Medicine Ball

Core Moves with a Medicine Ball