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Monday's Workout & Some Insta-Inspiration

Monday's Workout & Some Insta-Inspiration

I have come to the conclusion that the anticipation of Monday makes Sunday nights worse than actual Monday’s are. Once I’m up and teaching bootcamp and then in the office with my thermos full of butter coffee I feel ready to roll, but Sunday nights I wallow on the couch and whine and cry (practically).

Yesterday I woke up still feeling the Sunday Blues, until I got the weekly newsletter from Performance Fitness (where I teach bootcamp), which included an article from Girls Gone Strong in the Inspiration section. This directed me to the website, which led me to the Instagram page of GGS contributor Jen Comas, who gave me all the inspo I needed to shake my Monday morning mood.

After scrolling through her feed and looking at the awesome pics of her lifting and riding motorbikes (an activity I am dying to try and have convinced myself I will be a pro at) all I wanted to do was go to the gym and use my weekend food-fest as fuel to squat the heaviest I’ve ever squatted and then zoom away on a motorbike (which sadly did not happen, cause I don’t have one).

I did, however, practice my form on some super light and easy front squats. Front squats are a move I have been aiming to incorporate into my workouts but always talk myself out of for fear of doing something new/uncomfortable. But yesterday I decided I didn't care what I looked like while I was practicing, because everyone has to start somewhere right?

I meaaaaannnn.....                                                                               instragram.com/jencomas

I meaaaaannnn.....                                                                               instragram.com/jencomas

Jen's article on why more cardio is usually not the solution we seek was like the bucket of cold water getting dumped on my head that I needed. Somehow, I was telling myself that I needed to throw in extra treadmill time in order to move my body out of its plateau, when really what I need to do is cut back on the amount of brunching and dessert-ing I allow myself on the weekends (because it is an excessive amount - whoopsie).



Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and be truly honest with ourselves about how we are going about working towards our goals and if we are really putting in the work that we say we are. Maybe it requires someone like Jen to hold up a mirror for me once in a while, but I'll take that as long as the sweet dirt biking pictures continue. 

monday's leg/glute workout

Barbell Back Squats:

Barbell x10

25lb plates x10

35lbs x10

Hip Thrusters 10lb plates 4x10

SL Leg Press x10,8,6,4

Lateral step up w OH hold 5x5

Front Squats w/ light bar 4x10

Cable kickbacks 10x10

Cable duck walks 10 steps forward/back


#TBT - Fitness Edition

Hearing Yourself through Someone Else's Ears

Hearing Yourself through Someone Else's Ears