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Friday Favorites, Food Edition

Friday Favorites, Food Edition

I guess you could say I am a fairly picky eater, but I prefer the term “particular”. Like, basically Sally from when Harry met Sally but when I order at a restaurant I don’t do it quite as obnoxiously. I usually preface it with like “sorry this order is about to be really annoying butttt … can I have the field salad on a bed of spinach instead of mixed greens, no onions, no tomatoes, dressing on the side, add chicken, thannkkkyoouu.” I'm paying for it so I’m gonna order it exactly how I want it ya hear?

Because I like what I eat to be a certain way, and because I steer clear of certain foods always (dear dan, enough with the trying to get me to eat shrimp. enough already. Sincerely, me) I usually stick to my favorite go-tos, whether I am grocery shopping or dining out. This week in particular I was enjoying some old favorites and thinking about how much I love them while I was eating, and so I decided to do a roundup of some of my favorite foods/meals/treats.

Sweet Potato Fries

I was just gonna write “sweet potatoes” because for the most part I actually eat them in baked sweet potato form, but there is something about sweet potato fries (both baked and fried) that get me every time. If I am out at a restaurant and they have sweet potato fries I will always order them, even if they don’t exactly complement the rest of my meal. And even though I am insanely lazy I will sometimes muster up the energy to slice up a potato myself and bake some fries rather than just throwing a whole potato in the microwave (I microwave everything, I know I know I’m the worst). Sabrina’s has good SPF, also John Henry’s in Ardmore (random). And B.Good in Wynnewood. The ones at Hip City Veg would have been awesome (size, shape, freshness, flavor) if they weren’t literally covered in an entire shaker of salt. I wasn’t kidding I get them everywhere I go.

Rotisserie Chicken

This one wins across the board for deliciousness, price, and efficiency. 100 points for Gryffindor. I can go to Giant and pick up a whole cooked rotisserie chicken for $5, shred it, and pack it in my lunch for the entire week (as well as eat it as I cut it because it smells so good and it tastes so good and itssogood). If you want to go organic, which ideally you should for meat and I knowwwwww I have to make the switch more often, Whole Foods chickens are only $7.99 which is still great for a whole week’s worth of chicken, and you don’t even have to cook it!!!!!!!!!! My sister texted me yesterday asking if she could eat the drums off of my rotisserie chicken. We compromised at 1 drum. I takes my chickens seriously.

Acai Bowls

Now that it’s hot as balls in Philly again I have found myself craving smoothie bowls, which I actually made at home all the time last summer. I purchased Sambazon Acai powder from the Vitamin Shoppe to mix into my smoothies, added frozen bananas, mixed fruit, spinach, ice, and topped with shredded coconut and granola. The acai and the frozen bananas give it a better consistency so you can eat it with a spoon, and with all the toppings it is a really nice filling meal! (Regular drinkable smoothies are never enough to sustain me as a whole meal). This morning I got the most DEEEELISH acai bowl from the EnerJuicer, which is part of the “food court” in suburban station. The first time I ever had one from here I was pretty hungover and usually I would reach for something fried and salty but I saw the Enerjuicer on my way to the train and decided to try it and it 100% improved my hangover. I find their recipe to be the best tasting. It seems fresher and has no added sugar or anything. I got one at Robek’s once and it tasted funky, like just a little bit off. I also got a smoothie bowl//parfait type deal from Robek’s yesterday and even though it said it was made with orange juice, strawberries, and pineapple, I think the strawberries were actually like a strawberry sherbet (uhm hold on. IT’S NOT CALLED SHERBERT?! Microsoft word just corrected my “sherbert” to “sherbet” so my entire life has been a lie. Excuse me while I roll around on the floor for a while and scream).

Where was I? Oh yeah, my smoothie bowl was very sherbert-y. It was too sweet. My throat started itching. Annoying. I will definitely have to hit up the Vitamin Shoppe and stock up on acai so I can make delicious and refreshing smoothie bowls for myself this summer.

Almond Milk Lattes

I don’t like dairy milk. I am well aware that certain brands of almond or coconut milk are not necessarily a healthier option, but at this point dairy milk actually grosses me out and I don’t want it in my coffee, especially iced coffee that I drink all summer long (singinnnn’ sweetttthomeeealabamaaa, all summmerrrlongggg). But I would have to say after going to many different mom + pop coffee shops, hipster joints, starbucks, di brunos, etc, my favorite iced almond milk latte is from Saxbys. I think they use Pacific brand almond milk so I’ll have to investigate deeper if it’s totally jam packed with sugar and I’m slowly killing myself, but it’s sooooogoooood. Get an extra shot of espresso in there for the perfect milk/coffee ratio and wooooooweeeeeee.

Honorable Mention:

Dibruno Brothers Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with butter

I know, so random and specific. This is not something I eat regularly because it’s just straight carbs and I prefer fat and protein to make up a lot of my meals. But I’ve had it twice now for breakfast and it’s seriously the best bagel ever. All warm and toasty with the perfect amount of melted butter I mean come aahhnnnnfaghet about it. If you like bagels go get one from Dibruno’s. Goodnight and good luck.

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