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July 1st Friday Favorites!


Okay so I know in a recent post I wrote all about using your legs and walking everywhere possible and taking the stairs. Most of the time I TRY to do that. But for some reason I am a crazy bag lady and every day I end up with a huge heavy tote bag filled to the brim and also a rather large lunchbox and then usually a coffee and some other trinket I happen to have in hand. Walking 10 blocks and 7 avenues just doesn’t sound appealing in 90 degree weather when you’re basically a pack mule. And then when I very innocently happen to check the prices on Uberpool and it’s only $3.00 to get to the gym I can’t really help myself. The majority of the time when I leave the office and uberpool to the gym we don’t ever pick anyone else up so I turn a 20 minute walk into a 6 minute drive for less than $5. One time I took an uberpool from Wynnewood to a bar on Chestnut St. on a Friday night for $7.50. I MEAN IT’S JUST UNBEATABLE. It’s so convenient. I have a problem. Help me.


I am absolutely obsessed with all things wedding related. I can spend hours and hours watching Say Yes to the Dress, browsing wedding Pinterest, and finding wedding themed Instagram accounts to follow. I even work part time for a wedding planner to help coordinate the day of the wedding and make sure everything runs perfectly. Being in the bridal suite while the bridal party gets ready makes me giddy like it’s my best friend’s wedding even though it’s a stranger I’ve never even met before. I could listen to best man speeches all day. This weekend I get to be my boyfriend’s +1 at a wedding and I cannot wait. I haven’t been the guest at a wedding in a long time and even though I had fun working them recently, I was always a little envious of all the guests getting to enjoy the whole pawrty. It also means I need a mani/pedi and a blowout which just so happen to be my other favorite things. Tomorrow should be a pretty solid day.

Veggie Sushi

I don’t eat seafood. I’ve eaten crabs in Maryland and crab cake eggs benedict in New Orleans but those were kind of like “when in Rome” things and I usually avoid seafood, mostly for the smell. So when my friends were on a Sushi kick (that is still ongoing, probably forever) I decided to get some veggie sushi so I could partake in the fun and now I’m basically addicted to it. I get cucumber avocado roll with mango and top it with pickled ginger and wasabi and its game oovvvverrrrr. I had it for dinner last night post workout with some pork gyoza on the side. It’s light and delicious and I usually only get one roll so I never feel terribly full after. And it’s cheap. And there’s sushi places EVERYWHERE. Ugh now I want it again. THANKS A LOT.


Lately I have been feeling like washing my face with my hands//a washcloth is just not actually getting in there and cleaning out my pores the way that I need it to. Especially with the layers upon layers of makeup I enjoy wearing on a daily basis. My sister has a Clarisonic cleansing spin brush, but those are like $200 and let’s be honest I can barely afford my veggie sushi habit. So I did some research and some Amazon browsing and found a silicone electronic facial cleanser similar to the Foreo Luna (another very popular and expensive beauty tool). A beauty vlogger left a review on Amazon that the one I purchased was a perfect dupe for the Foreo Luna (dupe is beauty blogger lingo for perfect substitute for a product but at a much cheaper price). I’m not even sure if the one I bought has a brand or a name, the box it came in just says “easy cleaning”. Double checked and it is DoCooler brand? Anyways, A.) It was $18.99 with free shipping so I saved at the very least $80 and B.) It’s black which is just infinitely superior to pink in my opinion. Also I tried it and it worked great and also its rechargeable holllllllaa.

DoCooler Facial Cleanser

DoCooler Facial Cleanser

Baywatch-esque bathing suits

Flattering one piece bathing suits are super in right now. I’m talking the opposite of those TYR ones you had to wear if you were on a swim team in high school. I am on the hunt for a Pam Anderson bright red high cut one piece that doesn’t cost a million dollars. Honestly they’re everywhere but I’m afraid to order one online because there is a chance it will not fit appropriately (cough I have no boobs cough). But knowing me and the fact that when I want something I usually just buy it, prepare to see me in a red one piece sometime soon!





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Body Image (dun dun dunnn)

Body Image (dun dun dunnn)