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Soy Mustard Wok-less Chicken

Soy Mustard Wok-less Chicken


I didn’t want to put up yet another stir fry recipe considering that is the only recipe I have on here so far, but it seems to be the only thing that I can make and this one was a little different so here goes!


2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

2-4 tablespoons Dijon Mustard

¼ cup Soy Sauce

4 small peppers (red, yellow, and orange were in the pack I bought at Trader Joes)

1-2 cups broccoli

Yields: 2-4 servings depending on your appetite!


·         Grease pan with coconut oil, olive oil, butter, or ghee

·         Cut chicken breasts into cubes and toss into pan over medium heat to begin cooking

·         Cut peppers into strips, small chunks, dice, whateva and add to pan

·         Grab a handful or two of frozen broccoli and throw into pan (go ahead, throw it!)

·         Cover pan with lid to let veggies steam (I like my veggies soft, sue me)

·         Pour ¼ cup of soy sauce into a measuring cup, add 2-4 spoonful’s of mustard (to your preference) and whisk together

·         Add soy mustard sauce to pan and stir, cover with lid again to let veggies continue to soften.

·         Continue checking and stirring every 5 minutes until excess soy sauce is absorbed/boiled away and chicken is cooked through (not pink). TBH I was watching TV while I cooked and didn’t use a timer but I would say it took anywhere from 15-20 minutes total. Steve Harvey episodes of Family Feud are too good to not watch.

Serve over quinoa, brown rice, diced sweet potato, or make with more veggies (I’m very picky) and eat as-is!

*Disclaimer – my friend Tori and her fiancé introduced me to soy sauce and mustard on chicken so I can’t take the credit here. Also peppers. They made me like peppers. 6 months ago I didn’t eat peppers. Thanks guys!




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