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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Personalized Gifts

I wanted to try to narrow this down to one particular store or item but really you can find just about ANYTHING on Etsy! For those not familiar with it, Etsy is a website where you can set up your own “store” and sell homemade items like jewelry, crafts, clothing, art, wood working, leather goods, etc.

Today felt like a good day to post about some of the great things I’ve purchased on the site because I’m wearing an Etsy-made t-shirt and I just bought another gift for my friends this past week!

One of my best friends from high school just got engaged on July 16th to her high school sweetheart (they have been together since we were 14!!). I wanted to get them something small and commemorative that they could look at down the road and remember this exciting part of their lives. As you all know by now I love mugs, so I putzed around on Etsy until I found a cute engagement themed mug that I would be able to personalize with their initials and the date of their engagement. The wonderful thing about Etsy is that since the stores are run by the individual artist or craftsman, they are usually very responsive to questions and will work with you to personalize or tweak items for you. The mug came within 3 or 4 days! 10 years from now they can pull the mug from the back of their cabinet and remember when they first got engaged. I’m so sentimental, I know.  

While I am sentimental I am also very self-indulgent, so naturally I didn’t leave the site without buying something for myself as well. I ordered a 16oz mug with pretty cursive gold writing on it that says “Hungover.” Unfortunately I have had my fair share of days where this mug would have been all too appropriate. Hopefully I can use it in an ironic way from here forward? Probably not. Sigh.

I also love Etsy for unique t-shirts and jewelry! This link will take you to the country music themed shirt I am sporting today (hooray casual Fridays) as well as a ring I have my eye on big time (*cough* I am a size 6.75 or 7 *cough*).

La Croix Sparkling Water

I love seltzer water. Sometimes I’ll go plain with a lime in it, other times an ice cold can of black cherry calls my name. Usually I just pick up a case of polar brand cans from the grocery store, and it’s typically the same ol’ tried and true flavors. Lemon lime, cherry, orange. After I got a can of peach-pear flavored La Croix sparkling water while I was out to lunch a few weeks ago, I knew I had a new favorite! The flavor is light and sweet (but it is zero calorie, zero sugar, and zero artificial sweetener!) and refreshing and they have other unique and delicious flavor combos. Yesterday I bought a case of the Mango flavor, and it’s pretty delish! But I still think peach-pear is my favorite. So far, I have only found them sold by the case at Whole Foods.

Blue Nails

Top L: My boyfriend scales the walls. Top R: Find me an Oasis Bottom L: Angel with a Lead Foot Bottom R: Borrowed and Blue

Top L: My boyfriend scales the walls. Top R: Find me an Oasis

Bottom L: Angel with a Lead Foot Bottom R: Borrowed and Blue

Ever since I have been getting acrylic nails I have been skeptical of getting fun or funky colors because they stay on for two-three full weeks and I don’t like to commit to having neon orange nails for that long of a period. Plus I am a creature of habit so in the summer I usually stick to my pink-tan-nude favorites and in the winter I pretty much consistently wear Lincoln Park After Dark and not much else. For whatever reason, this whole week I have been anticipating my next manicure and am dying to try out a light blue shade this time around! Maybe because I daydream about the beach and floating around in the ocean all day long. Because I am a psychopath, I actually looked up some good shades to see what they look like on people’s fingernails before going into the salon today after work. I LIKE TO BE PREPARED. Depending on what they happen to have available I will probably end up with one of the 4 shades above!

Funky Salads

On Wednesday I went out to dinner with my friends Mattie and Tori and her fiancé to celebrate their engagement, and we went to Tria, a wine and cheese bar with a few locations throughout Philadelphia. Although I’ve heard of it and see it all the time when I walk around the city, I had never actually been before. I ordered the asparagus and artichoke salad, which included chopped up asparagus pieces, artichokes, white beans, and a tomato onion relish that I said thanks but no thanks to and so I can’t actually comment on what that tasted like. The salad was lightly tossed in olive oil, and I got a side of balsamic vinaigrette to drizzle on top, and even though it sounds so simple and bland it was DELICIOUS. Like seriously so good. I plan to try and make one for myself at some point.

Yesterday my coworkers and I went to lunch together at Bobby Flay’s burger joint and I ordered a Brunch chicken burger, “topless style”, meaning it comes in the form of a salad. So I got a bed of mixed greens topped with bacon, chicken, and a fried egg. NOT TOO SHABBY!

         Topless Brunch Burger (with chicken)

         Topless Brunch Burger (with chicken)

Continuing with this trend I ordered a brussel sprout salad from Carlino’s Italian market last night when I picked up dinner for my grandpa and myself. It was made up of roasted brussel sprouts, dried cranberries, and crumbled goat cheese. YUM! I think it had some kind of vinaigrette or marinade on top and it was bomb. Paired it with roasted chicken. Fohget about it.

Now all I have to do is try to make homemade versions of everything!


What are ya'll diggin on this week? Comment below!

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