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Asian (ish) Chicken Salad

Asian (ish) Chicken Salad

Today I shall share a "recipe". It's more like an idea. More like guidelines than actual rules (movie, anyone?)

I made this on the fly the other night due to having no food in my house and also wanting to find other things to eat with my proteins that isn't rice or potatoes. I had bought a bag of broccoli slaw (which also misleadingly includes shredded carrots) at TJ's a week ago and kept it in the veggie drawer in my fridge and then naturally totally forgot about it. I've seen people make quick throw-together salads using broccoli slaw on the interwebs so tonight I thought I'd slap a few things on top and see how it went.

I hesitantly crunched on a few straws of broccoli out of the bag and wasn't sure how it would go but I rolled with it anyways, and somehow once everything came together it was super delicious - and filling! I saved half of it in the fridge, boo ya!

Prep time: ~5 minutes  

Cook time: ~ 10 minutes  (this can be eliminated if you used leftover chicken!)

1. I diced up an 8oz chicken breast (I have a handy little kitchen scale) and threw it in a pan over coconut oil to cook, dusted with cayenne pepper of course. 

2. Put 3-4 handfuls of broccoli slaw in a bowl.  I probably used 1/4-1/2 of a bag. 

3. Top with nuts of choice. I wanted to use cashews because that feels more fitting but as I said my house sucks and all I had was slivered almonds. In the bowl they went! 

4. Slice up one half of an avocado and throw dat in the bowl too. 

5. Mix 1/6-1/8 cup of soy sauce with a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and whisk (hhhwhishk. cool hhhwhip. hhhwill hhwheaton)

6. Whenever chicken is done, put on top of the bowl and dump the soy mustard on top. Stir around, let sit for 3 minutes so everything soaks up the flavaaa - then consume!

I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed this meal considering it was made up of mostly frikin' broccoli slaw. But it was tasty and SO easy! Try it out and holler if you like it (if you hate it just keep that to yourself)

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