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Just Do It.

Am I actually allowed to say that or am I gonna get sued by Nike?

Yesterday’s workout started out very slow but ended on a better note. I went into the gym thinking I would be well rested and strong today after taking it easier for a few days, but that was not the case. My squats were not heavy and yet I was huffing and puffing. BUT I got up the courage to finally practice my front squats with a barbell. For whatever reason (as I wrote about before) they were a move I was not very familiar with, had never practiced, and so kind of played them up in my head as something that would be uncomfortable and difficult and that I would fail miserably at attempting them.

As I have been getting stronger, more comfortable, and more confident in the gym, I decided to stop talking myself out of trying and went for it. My mobility and range of motion on front squats is actually significantly better than my barbell back squats (legs don’t have to be quite so far apart, back and chest stay straighter with less work, and comfortably squat much deeper), so I am excited to keep adding them into my routine and increasing the weight!! All that worry for nothing, jeeesshhh.


Whether or not directly related to my “just do it” attitude in the gym (I say it is), I have been feeling a lot more ballsy in other aspects of my life too. At the Be Well Philly Boot Camp on Saturday I walked right up to the KIND Snacks booth and asked them how I can work for their company, because I am a huge KIND Bar fan. This might sound like the least big deal to some of you, but that is something I would usually never ever do. I might sit and stare at the booth and think about how much fun it would be being a brand ambassador for a company that I really like or working at health/wellness events like Be Well Philly all the time, but then I would play out a scenario in my head about how I trip and fall on the way over or the employees ignore me and I just end up looking like a dingdong. On Saturday, though, I didn’t trip and fall and the girl that I spoke to was super friendly and told me they were looking for some part-time help in Philly and that I could apply online. She was actually the hiring manager!

If you have one thing you have been dying to try but are afraid to, just do it. Because it will most likely have a positive outcome, and it will inspire you to do other new cool things. Unless you just go for it, you really never know what you could be missing out on. And if you do fall flat on your face, at least you’ll get a funny story out of it. 

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